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Your handpiece is perhaps the most commonly used tool in your office. Without handpieces, it would be impossible to maintain a dental practice, which is why this everyday workhorse deserves some extra special attention.

So, the next time you take a vacation, why not use one of our free pre-paid mailers to send some of your select handpieces to Hayes Handpiece for some TLC? While you relax, we will: 

  • Inspect your handpieces.

  • Check chuck retention.

  • Test for torque, RPM, and noise.

  • Test chip air and water spray.

  • Clean the outside of shell.

  • Polish outside of handpiece when able.

  • Clean and brighten fiber optics when able.

  • Test for torque, RPM, and noise.

  • Lubricate your handpieces (if lube type).

Optimum handpiece maintenance will give your instruments the ability to provide a long service life which can make your procedures smoother and save your practice money.

The cost for the Extended Clean, Lube, and Inspection service is $0 - $35 depending on labor involved. We guarantee you will notice a difference between before and after.

If you are a new customer, we will call you to authorize a overhaul if the handpiece needs it.

Why are we offering this service at such a low price? We want a chance to earn your business! We hope that after experiencing reliable local service, you will choose Hayes Handpiece Duluth for your repair and product needs.

So the next time your taking a break, why not give your hardworking handpieces a break. Send your handpieces to Hayes Handpiece Duluth for some TLC.

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