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August 7, 2010


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  • Volume 3, Issue 1 (PDF)   
    • 2006 Electric Handpiece Buyers Guide  
  • Volume 2, Issue 1 (PDF)   
    • Electric Handpiece Buyers Guide   
    • Your Unbiased Resource for Handpiece Information   
    • Check Out Our Electric Handpiece Buyer's Guide Before You Purchase an Electric Handpiece   
  • Volume I, Issue 2 (PDF)   
    • Hayes Handpiece Company: Our Story   
    • The Best Way to Lubricate a Handpiece   
    • Free Maintenance Demos Extend the Life of Your Handpieces   
  • Volume I, Issue 1 (PDF)   
    • Hayes Handpiece Lends a Helping Hand to The Flying Samaritans   
    • Concentricity: The Precision Testing that Makes Hayes’ Repairs Unique   
    • What About Bearings? High-Quality Parts Make All the Difference