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 Be Aware of


Heat can be an issue with
electric handpieces. Make
sure you test before each
use, and monitor heat while
using. Always test the 1:5
increasers before using on a
patient, as these handpieces,
in particular, have a tendency
to heat up. Be sure to monitor
the heat of the head during

the procedure.


Preventing Burns from Electric

Dental Handpieces.



Cord Care


Remember to always wipe down

the power cord. When wiping, move toward the handpiece motor. Pulling away from the cord could possibly disconnect the electrical wires over time. Loosely coil the motor cord when you are autoclaving and avoid sharply bending the cord. 


Remember to insert plug


Some manufacturers require y ou to install

the autoclaving  plug into the end of the motor before autoclaving.


Protect motor from

excess oil


Protect the motor from excess oil draining from the handpiece. After lubricating and before autoclaving the handpiece, stand

the handpiece on its base on a paper towel and allow any excess oil to drain out.

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Electric Repairs

3 to 6 month warranty

• We repair and test all electric

   handpieces to meet new

   product specifications 

• Standard overhaul includes

   disassembly, a thorough

   cleaning and replacement of

   all necessary parts 

• Free estimates 




• NSK 



• W&H 




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Preventing Burns from Electric Dental Handpieces


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Spray Vents 


Bien-Air recommends cleaning the spray vents of handpieces with a wire cleaner. 


Cleaning & Lubrication


Bien-Air recommends cleaning, lubricating and running electric handpieces before sterilization.

The Mx micromotor should also be cleaned, lubricated and sterilized. 




Follow manufacturer guidelines for sterilization of the motor and handpieces. Not all electric motors are designed to

be  sterilized.